The Performing Media Festival

Indiana University South Bend

South Bend Museum of Art

an annual showcase of audio-visual performance works


January 15th-April 15th


February 17th-18th


February 17-18th

The Performing Media Festival [PMF~] artists create new works of integrated media with emerging technologies By unapologetically cross disciplinary boundaries.

Hosts & Special Guest Artists

Eric Souther


Special Guest Artists

Ryan Olivier


The Venues, Events & Artists

In-Person Concert [updated due to weather-related program change]

Cecilia Suhr

Jacek Doroszenko

Hanna Azcuna

Adib Ghorbani

Eric Lemmon

Ryan Olivier

Chelsea Thompto

Naive Joy (Quin Wezeman & Adam Kolacz)

PMF will be back next year for [PMF~ 2023]